Mendix retrieves data for views when conditional visibility is set

Hi all,   We have a project where we have one page that has some conditional visibility dataviews and datagrids.  When the datagrid or view is hidden when the page is opened Mendix does not try to retrieve the data via de configured microflow. When the datagrid/view is shown on the page, as expected, the configured microflow is called to retrieve the data for the datagrid/view.  When the data grid is  hidden again, Mendix still calls the configured microflow for that hidden datagrid/view to retrieve the data for that datagrid/view.  IMO this is unexpected behaviour as I would expect that when the datagrid/view is not shown, the data does not have to be retrieved.    Does someone has seen this behaviour before? And did you have a solution for that?
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From my experience you should generally not make any assumptions on "if", "when" or "how often" a datasource microflow is called after triggering an action.

If you have a more complex visibility or refresh other objects on your page, your datasource microflow may even run more than once.

Usually a datasource microflow should create the same result when run with the same parameters. If it properly works like that you should have no side effects. So what kind of problems do you have with that?