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I am facing an issue of Error message popup appears. Need to know:- 1.Why this kind of message appear. 2.It is related to timeout or server is not responding. 3.How can we handle this error message. This message appear on any screen on some functioning and after some time that functioning is working properly.    
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In addition to Rene's answer, you could debug the microflow. That way you can exactly pinpoint the activity that's causing the error. 

Besides that your console (when you are running locally) or the logfile when running in the cloud (or on premise) will show you the exact error message. 



This error message is very generic.  Can you give some more context about when this error message occurs?

In general this these error messages are given when an error occurs in a microflow due to:

  • Changes on, calculation with empty variables
  • Failing integration w/o custom error handling
  • Checks on empty values


in cases of a time out, this message won't be showed. then the message will specify connection time out or alike.




Thanks to both of you.

I found out the reason of this bug and that is in Validation Microflow.

But now the thing, I debug that error because I create a same scenario number of times then debug that microflow and remove that thing which causes error message pop-up.

My question :- Is their any other way to validate all the validation message in my project and remove all the conditions which creates this error?