Change the object of a page

Hi, We have a manager who is responsible for updating the employee-file in our company.  The unique key of the employee-entity is the emailadress. When our manager wants to create a new employee, an empty page is showed on which he can fill the employee-information, starting with the emailadress. Now it can happen that the manager thinks he is adding a new employee, when in fact this employee is already in the file. So when he enters the employee's emailadress, a microflow starts and shows a page that will tell him that this employee already exists. What I want is that when this message is presented, it not only tells him that the employee already exists, but also asks him if he wants to proceed his input with this existing employee. If he decides to proceed with this employee, then an edit-page is showed with the information of this existing employee. Now here is the problem. To show the initial input-page, an empty new employee was created. I cannot change the object for the page, so in order to edit the existing  employee, I have to open another edit-page. However, to show him the message, and let the manager choose how to proceed, I also have shown him a informational page. Now in the microflow that handles this process, I can only close this last informational page. I cannot also close the initial input page, so this page is still opened when I proceed with the existing employee. I cannot close this page because in a microflow you cannot choose a specific page to close. (Of course, besides this, I also have to rollback the creation of the intended new employee).  Has anyone an idea to solve this problem in Mendix? Look forward, Regards, Patrick Linckers        
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When the microflow finds the existing employee it should create a temporary (non-persistent) object that gets associated to the new employee over an association and the existing employee over another. The page you show should contain the temporary object and based on the user's response it can retrieve both instances of the employee object and do whatever you need it to do.