How can I programatically retrieve the name of an Object over active associations?

Hi guys   I am wondering whether I can retrieve the active objects over the associations from an Object.   For example: ShoppingCart object could have many associations to many different Products which are all different objects, whereby each Product has a Name. So I want to know programmatically the Names of  the associated Objects of the shoppingCart (if there are) Is this possible?  
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Yes, you can use the Mx Model Reflection module and retrieve that information from the database after the model reflection module is installed and the data is refreshed.


The way I interpret this question is that you're using inheritance where Product is you generalization. You want to know the types of Products associated.


I think you can do this only in a Java action by using IMendixObject.getType() (which I would hope returns the full name of the type, but I dunno since it's not documented properly).


So create a Java action that has one input parameter, a generic object type thing. Only code this owuld contain would be:



if (InputObject == null) return null

return InputObject.getType()



or something along these lines.


Then you can call this Java aciton for every Product in your ShoppingCart.