Changes in refresh behaviour between 7.1.0 and 7.5.1?

I just upgraded from 7.1.0 to 7.5.1 and I am experiencing some differences in my existing application. Specifically, I have an input field which triggers the refresh of another object via a microflow but this stops working after first refresh. Is this a bug or a feature? In more details what I have: Datamodel with Object A with a 1:1 relation to Object B. Both objects are non-persistable. Object A has an input field on screen. This has an on change event associated with it which retrieves object B and commits it (with a client refresh). In Object B there are some calculated fields which do some calculation stuff which are shown on field. Now what happens when I first visit the page I can enter a value in field of object A; the first change event properly triggers and shows the calculation results on the same page. When I change the value in the field of A again the calculation result no longer refresh. It did in Mx 7.1.0. I did no further changes to the product and even used a backup to test to confirm this. Thoughts?   EDIT: Did some more testing. Made a new app with Entity and a 1:1-relation to Entity2. First entity contains input1, input2 and result1. Second Entity contains result2. Both results are calculated on input1 and input2. Entering data in inpu1 and input2 triggers a microflow that commits both objects. Now when I run this application my first value I enter is computed correctly in both results, but when I enter a second value then result1 is updated and result2 isn't. Odd....
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