Closing 2 pages

I am in a situation where i need to close 2 pages which are open.  On a button click from Page1, Page 2 option and on click of a button in Page2 both pages should be closed. In the MF of the Page2, no matter what i do, it only closes Page2. Any help?
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Upvote this idea (i.e. currently you can't). A workaround could be to close the first page when transitioning to the second, or simply show the page you want to show when you leave page 2.


Hi Ganesh, 


I had the same situation that when the validation returned with some errors I wanted them to display in a second page, with also 2 buttons. Because I found that this wasn't working, closing 2 pages with 1 MF.

I decided to implemented the second page functionality in the first page, and made it visible only when I wanted to display the second page. That works for us. Hopefully you can find a way to do the same for your project.


Good luck!.