Refresh data-view without losing current data grid selection.

  Hi,   I have a data view listening to data-grid, so whenever data grid selection changes, the data-view change to reflect the latest selection. Now, I have an "on enter" microflow handler to change one of the data-view text input fields according to some criteria. And to refresh the client with the updated value, I set the "Refresh in client" option of the "Change object" activity to true. The problem is that whenever the microflow executes, I lose the data grid selection and the data view becomes empty. How can keep the original data-grid selection after updating a data-view field inside a microflow?   Note: I can't commit to the database at this stage of the page lifetime, I can only commit when the "save" button is pressed.   Thanks    
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I am not sure if this applies to event based microflows, but i do believe there is a "Maintain selection after microflow" option on microflow buttons.

Possibly change the current process to be a user based event triggerred upon clicking a button or see if you can create a widget which makes use of this feature.