Generate PDF with document template takes a long time

Hi all,   We're running in to a problem with generating a PDF document from a Document Template in Mendix 7.5.1. We're experiencing render times from 8 to 10 seconds whereas the same document rendered as an .rtf or .doc takes only about half a second. What we're doing is decoding a base64 string (from the signature widget) into a .png image, make a filedocument for the template and have a template with some simple dynamic labels from an entity, two 'calculated' textobjects from a dataflow and two dynamic images for the signatures. There's this unexplainable gap after everything is retrieved, and 'coming out' of the template and commiting the PDF. Any thoughts about what could cause the problem? Removing the images and text objects doesn't make a difference. As I said, when changing the 'generate document' to another file formate the lag is gone? But we want our official document in PDF and emailed after a user completes the  'contract' wizard and a 8 second delay is kind of annoying here.   Thanks in advance!    
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