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Hi guys,   I have some question for you :)  I get an assignment in which I need to access as any account in application while I'm still logged in the application and rollback option which gave me  possibility  to go back in my first account. For example:  As administrator I want to use account of any user in application without log out application in order to help him about some specific data which he only can see.Also I need to implement option in which I need to go back to my administrator account(from account of that user) also without log out application. Please if you got some idea let me know :)  Best regards, Aleksandar
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You could try to use the community commons executeMicroflowAsUser. This way you could use a microflow and open a page as that user. Problem is that you know beforehand which pages you want to open as that user.

But it would not be the same as login in as that user. That would in my opinion almost be impossible to achieve since you have to know the password of that user. But you can always download the backup of the data and debug locally as that user. Then you could do everything as that user and talk the user to the problem since your local database is the same as the cloud database.