Questionnaire module: delete element ends up in loop.

Hi everyone, I've been having some trouble with the Questionnaire module, where deleting certain elements results in multiple popups opening whenever you want to acknowledge the deletion (every time you click "I agree" another popup opens). There's only a single microflow with input parameter "ElementConfig" that has boolean "ConfirmedAction" set to false before the microflow is triggered. The first action (exclusive split) is to check this boolean : - When false: set it to true, open a popup (with page parameter "ElementConfig") to confirm deletion and call the same microflow again. - When true: delete the element. Seems quite straightforward, but somehow in some cases it seems to always return false in the exclusive split even though we just changed that. Result: stacking popups. I already tried adding a refresh to the change object activity, but that didn't seem to help (would have been weird too, since it's working fine on other elements that I've deleted successfully). Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Hi Dennis,

Try catching the microflow call in the debugger.

- Check the values of the boolean attributes.

- Check the id of the ElementConfig object (is the same at each call or a different one?




I managed to fix it by adding a commit. Still no clue as to WHY this fixed the problem, but it will have to do for now.