Microflow call with List as Input parameter - Maximum Allowed size?

Hi Everyone, Am using a microflow with input parameter as list on a multi select enabled Grid. Am always ended up with - out of memory exception. when I click select all button and click on microflow call for 100K records selected (total available) in DATA GRID. Are there any maximum limit for select all button, Instead of select the page or select all? As I don't want to increase the limit of record displayed in page (100 Records) for better UI experience using the select page option, reaching out to you. Any help much appreciated!!
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Why do you need to trigger an action with 100.000 records from the front-end? These kind of actions should be performed on the database level I think, not via the GUI. Batch processing via the Mendix Process Queue could be an option.

What is the use case for doing this front end via the GUI?