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I have a list of images and want to download that list on my local machine (later on server location). I'm not getting 'Show in a browser' property at all. After researching on internet, I tried providing the access to 'System.File' entity, but still not able to see the property anywhere. If anyone has idea, please let me know what I am missing (may be in settings or access rules). Or if there is any other way to download the list of documents to a location, I will be glad to try that. Thanks Vertika
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Hi Vertika,

If I understand you question correctly, you want to download multiple documents at once?

There is an existing widget for this, the 'Multi-file download':

Alternatively, you could create a java action  ( might help), but I'd try out the existing option first


I am able to accomplish the task by creating few Java actions.

First, I created an empty folder using java action. Then, I used second java action inside the loop for creating a blank file inside that folder. And, finally using CommunityCommons.FileFromFileDocument, I saved the uploaded document in newly created blank file.

@Ronald, I have to create persistable files inside a dynamically created folder and that is why I was unable to pass the file name to the FileFromFileDocument as it has to be an existing file with same name and extension. And my application accepts images of different format (jpg, peg, png  and pdf)

Thank you guys for the help :-)