Error Correction

parameters of the selected Microflow do not match available arguments, in the microflow i have added multiple arguments for calculation purpose.. that is to get values from several entities..
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It's a bit hard to tell with this little information to go on, but this error message typically shows when you are calling a Microflow from a Page. You can only pass the object assigned to the DataView that is calling the microflow. If it is a nested dataview you can also pass the object from one DataView above. You can see which objects are available, for example if it is a Microflow button, by double clicking it and selecting "Edit" at Microflow settings. There will be a section called "Microflow arguments" that will show the available objects.

To solve your issue specifically, you can either retrieve the additional objects you need within your microflow or add and fill the additional attributes that you need to the existing objects. If you still have questions, consider posting a few more details so it is easier to see what exactly is going wrong.