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Hi, I am developing an app to replace my company's declaration spreadsheet. One of the requested functionalities is to be able to repeat declarations. I have no trouble allowing the user to select multiple declarations and hit repeat, but I would like to have all the new declarations with two user defined attributes. These attributes, period from(datetime) and period to (datetime), would be the same for all the new declarations. Is there a way for a Microflow to ask for user input? or to set user defined variables? Is there maybe another way to achieve this? Thank you
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Microflows can't request (and wait for) user input.

To do this, you could:

  • Create a helper entity to get the date input from the user - this entity could be non-persistent
  • Build a microflow that will create an instance of this helper entity and then open a page where the user can enter the date input - this page will have a dataview of your helper entity
  • Build a second microflow, called from the page mentioned above, that will take the date input provided and use those dates when creating the new objects you want to create

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Not a dumb question at all - I should have covered this in my original answer.

- Create an association between the helper entity and the datagrid entity

- Add a parameter to the microflow that creates the helper entity.  This new parameter should be a list of the datagrid entity.  In this microflow, set the new association you created above to the passed in list of objects

- In your datagrid properties, make sure you have multi-select of some sort configured(screen shot below), unless you want all datagrid objects to be passed into the microflow

- now you've got the objects you want attached to your helper entity, you can retrieve them in your second microflow via the association

- NOTE: this approach means your Action button needs to be in the datagrid control bar, like this: