Trying to show user name and login date on a page in mendix.

I have created a microflow which gets the username from  a table based on the login id and current date. Now i want to show the username and login date i.e current date on a page. But it does not allow to associate an attribute which is not an entity in the domain model is there a workaround for this
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I'm not completely sure what you are trying to accomplish. But if you are in a situation where you can retrieve the data you need in a microflow, but dont know how to show it on a page, I would create a non persistent entity with attributes for what you want to show (in this case, an attribute for username, and an attribute for login date). Then in the microflow create the non persistent object, set the correct values, and pass it to the page you want to show it on. 


As addition to Austin's answer;

The page should contain a dataview connected to an entity, containing the attribute to be displayed.

Datasource of this dataview would be a microflow wich sets the User/Name as value of the (non persistable) entity