Sending a list or only one object as parameter

Hello, I am a new Mendix learner for being a cert. Rapid Developer. In Microflow Basics learning module / Create the edit microflow section, when edit button is pressed, ScheduleCourse object is sent to the microflow as a parameter automatically. However, Edit button resides in a data list sourced from ScheduleCourse table. In other words, the screen keeps a list of ScheduledCourses.  How does the screen know to send only one object to the edit button microflow know?  What happens if I want to send the whole list as a parameter?  If the screen deals with one object, it is easy. But the screen is about a list of object. Please note that, I know that it sends the current or selected object. I am asking that how Mendix decides to send one object instead of a list. 
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This depends on the input parameter of the Microflow. If the input parameter is of type list, the client will send the (selected) list or all (depending on the config of the Microflow settings of the button) 

If the input is of type object, only the selected object will be passed.


Hi I.B. Bekmezci,

In addition to Rene's, answer, it knows to send which object based on your selection in the list. By default the selection mode of your grid is set to Single Selection. For this you can provide a microflow with a single object as a parameter, but you could also still use a list as parameter but it would only send one item in that list. If you set it to "Multi selection" then you are obligated to put a list as parameter of your microflow. It then knows which objects to send to your microflow based on the multiple rows you've selected in your list.