Using non persistent objects to load the grid using Association

Hi,  I am using a database connector to connect to our legacy DB to design a page which has search panel and the data grid shown as results of it. Initially when the page loads it should show everything. Then when i provide some search criteria ,it should show only that results. As we have customer centric DB, so i cant use the persistent domains. So decided to use non persistent objects. To populate the non persistent objects i use the database connector. For the page design in mendix, i have used a data view which is populated by a microflow and internall calls the database connector microflow to populate that object. inside the dataview i have used a tabbed  container with a data grid using the result entity populated via association between the input and result. i have associated the input search parameters with the query result object .The input parameter while loading is obviously empty.  Loading of the grid works fine., But now when i provide a search parameter and click on search which triggers another microflow to populate the result object , it shows me the results but the old result is also available. so i am wondering why the old result is still showing .I need a way to show the searched results. Kindly help.     Once I retrieve the list , it iterate and change the object and have set the Refresh in client to True  
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What is the association to the the object you are using as a dataview, and the list for the results? Is it many to 1? or many to many? If its many to many, when you are associating the results to your search parameter object, you could be adding the association instead of setting it. Look at the change object that you are using and see if this is the case.