Excluded microflows in web modeler

I noticed that excluded microflows are still available in the web modeler, even after synchronisation. Does everybody agree with me that this is an unwanted side effet of the (otherwise awesom) web modeler?
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Hi Olaf, Good to hear that you like the Web Modeler.


I agree that it is beter to prevent the assignment of excluded documents in the Web Modeler

We've added this enhancement to our backlog.


FYI: It is correct that excluded documents are synchronised with the Web Modeler.

We always keep all App model information stored in both Web and Desktop Modeler. 

No information is removed.


This is what is called a unfinished feature; either you should be able to include the microflow in the webmodeler (as possible in desktop modeler) or it shoulden't available.

Bottomline; feedback -> Mendix :)