How do I pass an entity to a page with a data view?

I'm fairly new to Mendix and am looking to create a page (using a data view) where I capture user input, this input of course needs to be linked to the relevant data source/entity. I have already completed the introduction course but am unsure as to how to implement a form without it being linked to a data grid (as in the TrainingManagement project). I may be wrong but I am under the impression that the best way of doing this is through a microflow. The problem is, I cannot seem to create a microflow to fulfil this, without facing errors. I have passed the entity as a parameter, retrieved the entity and returned the object, however am faced with the error "parameters of the selected microflow do not match available arguments". Is there a simple way of completing this basic task? Any help is much appreciated!    
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  • Create a page
  • Place a dataview on that page
  • Configure the dataview to have a microflow for its datasource
  • In the microflow, you don't need any parameters...create a new instance of the entity you want to edit and return it (via the end event)
  • Now you can open this page from anywhere in your app as it doesn't need an object passed to it

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If your microflow is passing an entity then the place where it is called must be able to provide the object (data grid or data view of the object).


If you are retrieving an object in order to open it in another page you should not need to pass an entity into your microflow.