Trigger microflow on enter key in Mx6

Expected behavior: User inputs text in textbox. User presses enter. Microflow gets triggered. I have 3 textboxes on one page of which 2 trigger one microflow and the other triggers a different microflow. In Mendix 3, the enter key trigger was handled by the Inline Object Creator widget. The HTMLSnippet solution from this question doesn't work in Mendix 6.10.11 since that widget is outdated and the question is from 3 years ago. The KeyboardShortcut widget doesn't distinguish between textboxes and will trigger all the microflows. For now, I've solved it by having an On Leave trigger and microflows that don't do anything with an empty textbox. This is not ideal for users used to hitting enter. Below is a screenshot of the page:     The microflows retrieve and filter a list of results based on the zoekterm and uitsluitingen. The zoekterm and uitslitingen are added to a list below their respective textbox. Each new item filters the list further. Productcode is only shown by switching the view with the radiobuttons and that results in a new search result list each time.
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How about the Textbox Enter Key Widget? That's designed to do exactly what you say you're looking for, though Mike's suggestion about AutoComplete makes a lot of sense.



I am not sure exactly what you're trying to accomplish, but I have had great results with the Autocomplete widget from AuraQ:

You may find that you can rework your page to have a lot fewer controls on it as this widget is built for the kind of search it seems like you are trying to achieve.