Enumeration list value in a string concatenation

In a Microflow, I can easily concatenate  two string attribute such as in $Object/Attribute1 + ' / ' + $Object/Attribute2 While working on a table object, I would like to concatenate an Attribute with the value of an Enumeration List in an expression similar to  $Object/Attribute1 + ' / ' + $Object/AttributeX   where AttributeX is an Enumeration  I haven't found yet the way to get it Thanks in advance
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You can use the the getCaption or toString function to convert your enumeration to a string. 

The getCaption will use the caption of your enumeration, and the toString will convert the enumeration value to a string.


Most likely you would want to do something like this:

$Object/Attribute1 + ' / ' + getCaption($Object/AttributeX)