How to pass multiple objects from a set selector to a microflow?

Context & Usecase: As a parent, I want to select one or more of my children within a form, so I can pass the form input in a single attempt to each of my children. - Not a real good user story, but it defines my goal: One form (Y), select one or more objects(X) and create new objects (Y) with an association to each of the selected objects (X). The 'person' generalization has a 1-* association to the Furlough entity. This is a standard 'NewEdit' popup with a newly, not committed, object. You'll select the objects within the ReferenceSet selector (i.e. the parent's children(=students)). When the user then presses 'save', a new loop is started, creating a furlough object for each of the selected students (children). The first object, the one that is created as a placeholder purpose for the microflow, should obviously be deleted (or simply not committed..).   Besides really wondering how to manage this, I'm simply stunned how bad (read: none?) the documentation is for such basic functionality. I simply want to select a few objects and reference them within a microflow. I'm a newbie with Mendix, but especially for this user group there should be more documentation.. But maybe that's only one opinion.. p.s. why is there no 'upload your image' functionality here?
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I think I understand your requirements - here is how I would model it:

Domain Model - tried to match what you described:

Page I built to test it out:

Pop up page with ability to select 1 or more students

Microflow that opens popup page

Microflow that creates Furlough objects

Select page called by the Reference Set Selector

and a short video showing it working

Hope that helps,