How to select an item in a list after a microflow (alike Whatsapps new button)

Quick sketch   Hey guys, I want to model something like Whatsapp for desktop for a similar functionality. Imagine you have an list view of objects and a container that is listening to that list. Atop that list is a new button that can create or reference an object from that list via a separate page. After creating or referencing an object, it'll return back to the overview page and the respected object is automatically selected. Similar to Whatsapp on desktop, where via the 'new' button, after a contact is selected, the correct conversation is automatically opened.  I completely have no clue how this can be done, but really wondering how to. Thanks!
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Hi Sander, if I understand your need correctly, you might try my Selection Helper widget:


Hi Sander,


You could develop a page similar to this.


The left hand side has a listview with datasource from database for a table called "conversation". To the right of it is a dataview that has a datasource "listen to widget" and is set to listen to the list view. Once an item is selected in the list view, then the dataview will populate with that items details. 

For the new button, you can use a microflow button that creates an object of conversation and passes it to a popup page. The pop up page would have a dataview with details that would be filled out. The send button would be another microflow button, that would commit the conversation object and handle whatever other logic that needs to be done. Once the object is comitted, it will populate in the list view.


This is the simple domain model I used to make this page. 


Here is the link to the mendix documentation. I would look into List views and dataviews.


as well as a link to the mendix learning paths to help you get started




You can try playing around with a template grid rather than a list view. Just set the template grid to have one column and a lot of rows. There is a setting called "select first", which will select the first object in the list. If you set up the list order to have the newest objects at the top, then the newly created conversation should be selected.