How to pass a string as a parameter to a Microflow from listview?

Hi, I have array of list containing some key and value. I want to send a string value something like this 'KeyName'  from a listview as a parameter to the microflow and return back a filtered list containing array of list having all these key and its value. Right now I am not able to send something like 'KeyName' as a parameter from listview because it only takes the object as a parameter. Thanks in advance.
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You can add a dataview around the list. Add an non persistant entity with the name something like "ListviewOptions" and add attributes for every option you want like "KeyName".

Put this entity in the dataview. Know you can add fields into the dataview for every option and refresh the list when an option is changed.

There are different ways to do this. You can for example create a "ListviewOptions" object when opening the page via a microflow. You can already set a value in the KeyName here. The listview should have a microflow as data source with the parameter for the ListviewOptions object. Know you have the string you need in the microflow you want. Refreshing the list can be done with a on change microflow or a button that is pointing to a microflow in the dataview. You only have to refresh in client the ListviewOption object.