Progress bar not closing in 7.7.1

It doesn't seem consistent, but sometimes even when a microflow has finished, the progress bar gets stuck on the page. In the case of the progress bar having the blocking option, it then hangs the page until the page is refreshed/closed. There are no errors in the browser console.  I have seen previous questions but there have been no answers. Has anyone found out what the problem is? Cheers, Harry
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Hi Harry,

In my experience this could be due to a couple of thing:

1. Acces rights to entities/attributes. If the user is not allowed to see something on the screen this might cause this.

2. A refresh of an object. Refreshes of different objects then initaily shown in the page could give problems with closing the progress bar. In this case you could try removing some of your refreshes in the specific microflow untill you find the one that causes this.

Hope this helps!




To add to Dennis and Maarten’s answers, we’ve also been experiencing a similar issue when running long asynchronous microflows. 

It seemed that the connection between the browser and the server was severed after several minutes resulting in an infinite loading bar for the browser. We’ve resolved this by switching to synchronous where possible and converting to queued actions where not.


It’s an old thread, but people might still arrive here by searching for known issues, so I thought I’d add my two cents.

We experienced this same issue in a customer project. In our case we didn’t have any custom widgets on a page, just a data view with some text and two buttons, but the progress bar kept running. The only error found was “TypeError: e is undefined”. After extensive research and reproducing the issue countless times, we decided to upgrade our project to a newer version (from 7.13.1 to 7.18.1). This solved it in our case. So it may in some cases be platform-related and not an error in your model or widget.

So to anyone who encounters this problem: if you cannot find the cause, try upgrading.