Filter List with another List

I have a three panel select page to add items to a proposal. Item Category (List 1 ) | Items in Selected category (List 2) | Options/Accessories for Selected Item (Dataview that listens to List 2) I would like to select my category on List 1, that would then limit "List 2" based on the items category. I can then use the Listen to List feature on my Dataview without problem.  Currently I am using a Data Source of MF on List 2 and a helper entity to build a duplicate list based on what is selected from List 1. (Select List 1, runs MF to build list of items that is then returned to List 2 via MF). This seems like a very complex way to achieve my goal and therefore, there must be a better way. Any ideas?
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Hi Jeff,                                                                                                                                                                  

Can you use a dataview as a listener for list 2, and use a datagrid with datasource over association or reference set selector to display list 2?

Here’s an example I set up.

Domain Model





The category list is on the left with data source from database. The items list is in a dataview listening to the category list, and is using a datagrid over an association. Then the accessory list is in a dataview listening to the items list, and using a datagrid over association.