Calling several Microflows in a single page

Hi, I have a home page which has Action buttons A,B and C. I have 3 separate microflows for each one of these . The data view accepts only single object but I have 3 microflows each of which has one or more than one parameters in it. How should I customize this ? Thanks in advance.
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Hi Suhmitha,

You can play around with nesting dataviews. A microflow can accept two parameters if its inside two data views. If you need more than two objects in your microflows, then you should check your domain model to see how you can retrieve the rest of the objects via association or from the database. 


Hi Sushmitha s,

instead of using multiple parameters you can do multiple things: 

  1. Associate the objects to the same entity so that you can retrieve it by association in the microflow
  2. Retrieve the object from the database in the microflow