Getting associated objects through an inherited relationship

Hi, So i have two entites A and B. One A object is associated with multiple B objects. I then have entity C which inherits from A and entity D which inherits from B. In a microflow context: Given one object representing an instance of Entity C i want to get the related D object through the  relationship 'B_A'. How do i achieve that ? Currently i can get the Object B but not its specialization. I am sorry if this is confusing but i cannot upload images for some reason (tried firefox and chrome) which makes it much harder to explain. Thanks in advance  
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You are actually on the right track. Retrieving B is equal to retrieving D if B is a actually a B. Given the fact that Inheritance means All specializations are also their generalisation. Thus a D object is always a B object as well.

With this in mind; if you are able to retrieve the B, you can determine the D by using a inheritance split.