Importing JSON structure issue.

Hi, On making a REST call , I tried to import the JSON structure for my response. Below is the structure of my JSON structure. {    "policyInformationList":[       {          "PolicyNumber":"TA7001380",                "PolicyExpirationDate":"12/30/2014",          "Email":""       },       {          "PolicyNumber":"TA7001381",                "PolicyExpirationDate":"12/30/2014",            "Email":""       }       ]   } I find issues in reading the policyInformationList. I was not able to read the arraylist. On hovering the mouse to the warning symbol it says "Array contains multiple JSON object definitions. Only first will be used".  Can someone help me on this?  
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Hi Sushmitha,

I took your json snippet and created an import mapping with it. The domain model that was created looked like this

The information you want is in the JsonObject table. To retrieve that you would need to have a microflow that retrieves  the policyinformationlist object (this has list in the name but is only a single object), and then retrieves all of the jsonobject records.


Alternatively, in your import mapping you can uncheck the "policyInfromationList" to have your mapping look like this.

That way you only need one retrieve by association to get all of your records.


Hope this helps!