New user problems with microflows

I'm recently new to Mendix modelerer and ive been having problems setting up my microflows correctly. I have created an enumeration for User statusses. The only problem is that certain users can't be all of the enumeration options. My enumeration for user statusses: -Registered -Active -Alumni -Non-active I have 2 user roles: Student and Teacher. Teacher can be all but Alumni, and student can be all but non-active. My next issue is that when i register a new user (student or teacher) they both have their own abreviations. Student needs an ID with 9 Numbers starting at 0, and teacher will have a 5 letter abreviation of their last name.   My last issue is that there can only be a maximum of 24 students in 1 class, and i just can't seem to get it to work.   I would greatly appreciate any help.    
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For your first issue, I would use a reference selector for the status. That way you can then use a microflow to show the available status for a user role. You could check for the user and then filter out any of the statuses that do not apply to that user. Retrieve the user and the UserLookupList then filter the list as need and then associate that list to the user.

That microflow then would be added to the selectable objects for the referenceSelector.

I would take a look at the this is a very good source for new Mendix users. You can use that source to help solve your other two issues.




Hi Frank,

Regarding your last question. How did you try to maximize the number of students? Do you have a count microflow? And does this already work? Or are you also struggeling with that. Please post some more detail on your last question and what you already did so we can help you out.