Microflow to fetch values from previous field

Hello, I want to have values populated when I select Event Name. The values are stored in different entities and they all combined have to be stored in other entity(Expenses).  When I click on New button in  a grid a form opens up where in case I want these values fetched. On Save, the pop up will close and all these values would be displayed in a data grid. Please refer below screenshot.     What object to pass in the microflow to fetch the food costs and other values from other table based on the selected event name?  
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I'd use an on-change trigger on the 'Event Name' field. The Expense-object will be passed to the microflow, which I assume has a relation to the Event Name? This means you can retrieve the Event Name and other info through an association between Expense/EventName. From there use whatever logic you need to retrieve the other proper values, depending of course on your domain model and business logic.