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Hi all, Is there anyway I can log in via a microflow, the purpose is to have various URLs which come from different places. For example i click on a link to apply for a school (which can be /p/School or /link/School, from here im presented with a log in page (which could have the page object that contains the fact its from schools), when i click log in i want to go straight to the schools page, not the standard home page for a user. I know you can preset the homepage vs user, but in this case a user can have multiple services they can access, and i want the location of the log in page to drive where this user ends up, which in my mind can only be achieved via a microflow which contains a log in action (which has the hashed password compare).
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I think Fabian's suggestion is a good one.  Contrary to your comment, with Deeplink you can link to a form or a microflow.  The microflow option would enable you to branch and send the user to different pages.  In addition, you can configure Deep Link so that any parameters included in the URL are available inside the called microflow.  I've included some information about this from the Deep Link documentation below:

Have you tried Deep Link and found that it doesn't meet your requirements?  If so, perhaps you could share some information about why it didn't work for you so that the forum community can understand better what you need to accomplish.

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I think this blog is a good start on how to do the automatic login: https://www.mattkdaniels.com/blogs/walkthrough-enabling-autologin-functionality-within-your-mendix-app

And you still need the deeplink module. I would extend the functionality in the link so that you not only pass a token but also some other data so you can use that redirect the user after the login to the correct page.





You should look at the Deep Link Module

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thanks for all your help so far,

So this is the scenario

Front end drupal site with links:

  • My Account (acting Identity provider solution)
  • Service A
  • Service B
  • Service C


I click onto service B, and it redirects me into My account as this is the authentication and remembers i requested service B (this is easily done via deeplink), after clicking the login I want to then open up the B part of the application. 

I tried to do this by associating the anom session with a separate entity called 'Type of service', but when you log in Mendix creates a new session and thus there is nothing to connect the original session or drupal session to the new logged in session. If you guys think i can extend the use of deep link to help me achieve the last bit that would be great, thanks. 


Thanks again all for helping, it looks like the sign in microflow has solved the problem of bridging the gap between a anonymous session and a named session, thanks for all your help. 


On another note, has anyone has problem with this module and Saml?