Double clicking an action button

Even though the properties on the action button are "Disabled during action" and the microflow settings are showing a blocking progress bar, double clicking this action button is still running the microflow twice. In this particular case, there is a problem when this is on our (on premise) dev environment and also our (on premise) test environment, but not when I am testing it locally. This leads me to believe that it is a performance issue with the environment and nothing to do with Mendix. Asking just to see if anyone else may have had a similar issue.
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I came across this particular issue in Mendix Modeler 5.21.1 and I was unable to solve it in any reasonable way.

It is a problem in the Modeler, but yes it is affected by the performance of the environment (more probable to appear in low-performance environments), that's why reproducing it for the Mendix support team was a pain; however, I was successful at doing that by running heavy processes (duplicating huge files for example).

The answer I received by them was that they were able to verify it using the sample application that I provided, and that it was fixed in Mendix Modeler 7.6.


Seeing that you are using Mendix Modeler 7.7.1 and are still facing the same issue makes me question their reply.