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Hi there, I'm quite new to Mendix and I have a couple of questions regarding my app, especially my email notification microflow. How would I be able to: - Add a line break in the mail so that not everything is displayed in one line the email body - Add multiple recipients to one email. How do I delimit email adresses? Thanks for the help! Philip
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Assuming you want to change the text in a microflow, just hit enter in the change-variable / change-mameber box:



Hi Mike and Austin,

Thank you for the help! The <br> tag does not work for me but I'll try to implement the template solution via the email module.

I'll update you on my results!

Thanks again,



Hi Jacob,

I tried but it doesn't work. My email is not only plain text, it also contains attributes.

Any other ideas?


If your email is in html then you can use the "<br>" tag to separate lines.


'Shipper ID:' + $variable +
'<br>" +
'Shipper did not confirm order!' +
'<br>' +
'Shipper: ' + $variable +



Also what module are you using? I recommend email module with templates. In this module, when you create an email template it uses a html editor and will set these tags for you.


For multiple recipients to one email, there should be a field for CC in the email table. 



As one of the previous answers indicated, I would recommend using an email template (from the Email Templates module).  Then you can format the email template in the Mendix UI (using pages from the Email Templates module), and simply pass in data elements to the email via use of tokens.

I think the get the email working from your example, you should format it like this:

Shipment id: ' + $shipment/shipmentID + ' /

Shipper did not confirm: ' + $shipper/name + ' /

Date of Shipment: ' + $shipment/date

But I am not 100% sure this will work with a plain body email.

As for the email delimiter, its a semicolon.

Hope that helps,



Hi Philip

Did you get any solution to add line break for string type like I am using it in email plan body. But nothing working for me. Please let me know if you got any .