Trigger an email when a file has been uploaded

Hi, I would like to trigger an email notification about the status of a file upload. For example: The user has to upload 3 files on a specific page. He has 3 buttons to "upload file 1", "upload file 2" and "upload file 3". How do I create a microflow which checks the status of the file ("has been uploaded" or "needs to be uploaded") and then sends an email notification every time a file has been uploaded: Hi, File 1 has been uploaded for Customer 1. File 2 has been uploaded for Customer 1. File 3 is still missing for Customer 1. I can't find the appropriate tools to build this microflow. Any ideas are welcome! Thanks Philip
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Hi Philip,

Here is a possible solution:

1. Create a scheduled event / After commit event

2. In the SCE/ACO: try retrieving all 3 files from the database with a constraint on size > 0 and HasContents = true and ofcourse a relation with the customer. The size of each file will be zero if the file isn't uploaded (commited to the database) yet .

3. If the list has a count that is equal to 3 --> send the email.