How to copy the value of one attribute of list to a different List?

Hi, I have list name 'Transactions' having transaction date. I want copy this attribute to another completely different list named 'Payment History'.  Note:- the two list are in completely different module as no association in between and need solution without association. Thanks in advance
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If you can assert that both lists are always in the right order (Transaction_1 <->History_1, Transactionn_2 <->History_2, etc):

Do it with a recursion. (Open image below in new tab for better view) 

The microflow will take the first of transactionlist and historylist and removes them from the original lists. Then you can copy the desired attribute to the history object and add the history to a commitlist.

After the recursion is done, commit the list. This is not a perfect solution, but it should do the trick