Missing object associated to session after deeplink

Hi all, At our application we use multiple URLs to determine what information to show the user. As an example: users going to red.application.com get a red styling and blue.application.com get a blue one. At the first page we have a javascript widget that stores the called URL in an object URLHolder we give an association to System.Session. After a anonimous user returns to the application via a deeplink he has the same user_id and the same session_id. However when I retrieve the URLHolder object it returns an empty list. So far I've checked: we set the association to the session correctly. Without returning to the deeplink we can retrieve the object correctly. Only after the deeplink the association is empty. This method used to retrieve the object containing the URL used to work but I think it got broken when we moved from mendix 6 to 7. Does anyone know another way to get the called URL (not the application URL) from the microflow setting or a workaround for retrieving an object associated to the session object? Thanks in advance.
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You can check the possibility of using Constants from Model options. 

When set as a constant, you can always get that value within your application and use it.