how to use : get current page title

Hi everybody, I'm almost loosing my hair left trying to figure how to use the get current page title as described in the Mendix documentation ( I want to create a variable in a microflow that returns the Page title. Your help is the most welcome, Thanks M
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Hi Michel,

This reference guide is about the Application Test Suite (ATS).

ATS is a separate tool which is used to test Mendix applications. It is not part of the desktop modeler. Therefore you can not use this action from the modeler.


PS: From the documentation

The Mendix Application Test Suite (ATS) is a suite of tools for embedding (automated) testing in your application life cycle. -


Oh ! Okay, I did not get that. which means there is no Mendix system function to retrieve basics elements such as a Page title or so.

Bad luck for us.

Thank you Andrej