Question about OAuth2.0 Module: After Startup Microflow

Hi there, I am implementing the Open Authentication Module. The documentation states:  8. Set the microflow AS_StartOAuthRequestHandlers as After Startup Microflow. What does this mean? How do I do this? Documentation link: Thanks in advance!
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Hi Jasper,

When you open your project settings and go to the Runtime tab, you have the ability to specify a microflow which triggers 'after startup' of the application.


You can select the microflow AS_StartOAuthRequestHandlers here, or set your own custom 'After Startup' microflow with AS_StartOAuthRequestHandlers as a submicroflow in this microflow. This can be useful if you have more than 1 Microflow which needs to run after your app starts.


similary, what does this statement mean in the same oauth component installation link ??(


  1. Connect the page and microflow from the #Implementation folder to your navigation and assign the permissions to the userrole(s)