Retrieve Email from system.owner and reply

Hi, I am creating a user support module where a user can post his queries to admin,and Its storing like this. Now on other end when admin is viewing it,he sees all the user request, now I wants that he can reply to user query.How to do that, how to retieve email Id from there and store their reply according to user id.This is entity I have created.
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I think it is difficult to guide you with your functional request without knowing what you are trying to achieve. 

1. If you want admin to respond by email to the user: Have a data grid that shows all the user emails (requests or tickets). System allows the user to select from datagrid and you can have some button on the data grid like "Reply" and proceed form there. 

2. If you want to just add response as a comment in the same system, then it requires a different design which may require redesign of domain model as well. 

Furthermore, I do not really understand your domain modeling. PatientSupport associated with ForgotPassword, but I dont see PatientSupport as a real user entity or a specialization of such. 


We don't have to show users Email to admin ,he has to reply only and the email will be retrieved from system automatically.

Ex-Admin see this in his dashboard



And when he click on a particular query he sees a popup like this-



Now I want admin should reply,One more text area will be added where he can write his comment and reply, and the associated email will be removed for that user.And mail will be send.