Refresh in client during a Microflows runtime?

I am working on a long web form which users will take up to an hour to complete. We've created a save function that regularly runs a microflow, to commit their data, flag it as 'not Complete', and return to the client that it A) has been saved, and B) when it was saved. There is a requirement to also show the user when the form is saving, i.e when the microflow is running. I would like to achieve this by updating a 'save status' enumeration  to 'in progress' in the page, which displays a small CSS spinner at the start of the flow, and at the end updating the status to 'saved' displaying the time. However, the mircoflow will only refresh the client once all it's actions are resolved, thus only ever showing 'saved'. Is there a way to force/trick a microflow to refresh in client as it progresses like this?
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Have you tried a nanoflow for this?  Nanoflows may not have all of the capabilities you need (I am not sure how complex your microflow is), but they do execute client actions immediately, unlike microflows which execute client actions after the microflow is complete.   The documentation describes differences between the 2 this way:



I would solve it with some conditional visibility. Use a boolean to either set the busy icon or the saved icon. Use the microflow timer to trigger a microflow that check what the status is and return the correct boolean. Let this microflow run every x minutes.