Retrievie bigger than Enum value

Hi guys my enummeration is a set of integers 1,2,3,4 (and more). At the moment I retrieve items that are equal to the enum without a problem: Entity: Project.Item ... [number = $filterItem/number] ... However, the specification has changed and now I need to show items that are bigger or equal to the number. Is there a way to do it? Obviously, >= does notwork, I can't seem to use toString / ParseInt in the XPath constraint either.  Any ideas on how can I implement this? Cheers
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You could consider adding an additional integer attribute to these entities, and use a before-commit event to update the integer to match whatever the enum value is (using the parseInteger function with the getKey or get Caption function). That way you have the integer to query on without changing your UI significantly.


Can't you use getKey or getCaption on that enumeration attribute? Those functions give back a String. After that, parse the String to an Integer.