Creating Object with List Association

Hi,   I am creating an object that has an export mapping to JSON to be used in calling a REST service. I generate an object using data passed into a microflow when the user clicks a particular button. A list is created of objects (although I am trying to get it to work with just one object) that in my domain model are associated to the top level entity. When I create the list as well as top-level object for mapping, I am unable to associate them and pass everything into my REST request. Retrieving an associated list of the newly created object and changing it didn't work, neither did creating the bottom-level entities and working my way up.   What is the correct order of steps to create an object and its associations to be passed into a REST service with export mapping?
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If the association between Parent and Child is 1:M, you need to set the association value on each Child.  If the association is M:M, you can set the value on either entity (i.e. if its M:M, you can set the association to a List from the Parent and/or the Child depending on how you set up the association.  For an association owned by the Parent, you need to set the association value from the Parent, if its owned by both, you can set the value from either entity).  BTW, you set the owner in the properties window of the association as highlighted below:

Let me know if you need any more info.