Iterating over Two Lists in Same Loop

Hi All, I have two equal-length lists of entities, each with a single decimal type attribute. I also have a separate entity that contains two decimal type attributes. I want to make a list of this new entity, where I copy the decimal values of each of the first two lists into a new list of the entity that can contain both values. I seem to only be able to iterate over one of the single-value lists as I create new (two attribute) entities, and when I try to retrieve the list of two-attribute entities iterating over the second list of single-attributes, I ca't copy these values into the new entities. How do I access/iterate both single-attribute lists at the same time to create and fill two-attribute entities?
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If I understand correctly, I think you can iterate over SourceList1 and on each iteration, do the following:

  • Use List Operation Head to get the first element of SourceList2
  • Create a new TargetEntity instance using the values of Iterator/Attribute and SourceList2 that you got in the first step
  • Use a Change List activity to remove the object you got in the first step from SourceList 2

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I assume there is a way to match one object in the first list with its counter part in the second list? Because you can then do an iteration over the first list. In the iteration create the new object with the two decimals and use a filter operation to find its matching pair in the other list and commit those values to the new object.





The only relation between the counterpart lists is their order, so the value members aren't instructive for finding the matching pair. Is there some way to use the iterator as an index into the counterpart list?