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Hi guys, For my app i've created a function where a user can create a reservation for a room on a particular date, start - end time. I want to add something extra for the user so he can see on a list which rooms are available and which are not, after he picked a date, start - end time. Any idea how i should approach this ?
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Something like this;

Related domain model

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List is not over reference, but a list as result of a microflow, returning all rooms which doesn't have a referenced booking within the requested booking period 


Datasource microflow


To get this thing dynamic (datasource microflow runs when opening the page) add an onchange microflow to the EndTime which refreshes the Booking object 

On-Change microflow

This On change Microflow can also be added on Date & StartTime so that it acts on any changes made

P.s. I suggest you use other widgets, Atlas UI to make it beautiful. ;-)