Refreshing a single object in a microflow refreshes whole class of objects

Hi all, we're recently stumbling over some performance issues with some nested ListView when doing a 'client refresh' on the ListView object in a microflow. What we have is a tree hierarchy of the same entities build with nested ListView. Now when a microflow does a 'client refresh' on a single listview object, not only that object is refreshed in the browser, but actually all objects of the same type. In the server response I see: {target: {"system", type: "refresh_class", args: {classnames: ["MyFirstModule.Thing"]}} The result of this is, that all the ListViews are fetching data again, which can then take quite long. Did anyone encounter similar behaviour? Is there a good way to avoid this? regards, Fabian EDIT: to give an impression, this is the network traffic after a single user action
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Hi Fabian,

I have also noticed this behaviour in the newer Mendix versions. I was able to work around it by using a nanoflow, which does not seem to trigger a refresh for the whole list of objects. Of course this workaround is limited to situations where the logic you have can be done in a nanoflow.



Looking at the Java documentation there is a class FeedbackHelper with the following method:

addRefreshObjectFeedback(IContext context, IMendixIdentifier id)

Perhaps this does what you're looking for? If it does, you can always have a chat with Mendix what the desired behavior should be, when you use a change object activity with refresh in client set to true.