Open next wizard page based on enumeration value - microflow?

Hi all,  I am creating a wizard to add a new property to my property database.  On the first page of the wizard the user will add some core information about the property, address, floor space etc... on this first we have an enumeration (TenureType) which has 8 values. The user will need to input more information and what information that is depends on what value is selected out of the 8.  So what i want to happen is when the user clicks 'Next' a page opens based on what enumeration value was selected.  From what I have seen this can be done using a microflow?  I've set the Next button to call a microflow but really not sure how to proceed. I've that an exclusive split might to do it, but not sure what expressions to use.  Many thanks in advance Garion    
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Hi Garion,


Your microflow could look something like this: