Bulk upload PDF files for multiple records

Hi, I am a Mendix newbie and busy experimenting and finding my way in all the widgets and possibilities. I already figured out  how to upload a PDF file for a single record, but I am having some issues on how to upload multiple PDF files for multiple records at once. I will try to explain my case; Let's say I have 10 records in a entity called 'Person' (So I have 10 persons), for each person I need to add (multiple)  (person) specific PDF file. All files are named so they can be linked to a specific person. Example; Person 1234 has File 1234_fileexample.pdf Person 1678 has File 1678_fileexample_A.pdf Person 1678 has File 1678_fileexample_B.pdf etc.....   I already have all the files, and all the persons. But how do I go from here? In the domain model I already created an entity of type FileDocument. I want to upload all the files at once and create some action (microflow) which associates the uploaded files to the corresponding person. In my example I mentioned 10 persons, in realtime I have to deal with 1000+ persons.....so uploading files per person by hand is out of the question. Any hints / suggestions in the right direction are greatly appreciated. Thanks. Martijn  
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Hi Martin,

Have you tried the Dropzone widget - https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/916/FlowFabric-BV/Dropzone

It supports multiple file upload. Connecting the files to persons via the file names is something you will need to do in a microlfow on your own.




I figured it out; in the end it was fairly simple (it always is....).

In the end I connected the dropzone to one specific entity  (a project) so the files can be uploaded, on the commit event I added a microflow which check the filenames, strips a part (unique id) of the filename and add it to variable. Based on this variable I can find the correct person object and change object set the correct association. That's it......


Thanks for helping me out and sending me tips and pointers!