Input parameter not showing what was selected in reference selector

I have a microflow that I'm trying to debug.  I have a reference selector that is populated from a previous microflow.  In the popup it shows that this new value is selected.  Everything seems good.  Then when I press save on this popup screen I expect the displayed value to save, but it doesn't.  I debug and check what value is being used in the input parameter and it's still using the old one.  It's like the microflow is ignoring what was changed in the input.  Any suggestion on this?  Screenshot below. Value selected in the popup. From the microflow where you can see it's supposed to be using the input from the page. Showing that the input parameter is referencing something else  
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could be a couple things, first things i would check:
1. Does the user your testing with have the proper access rights?
2. Save button emediatly triggers this microflow or is there a microflow before this? Could be youre passing on the DB object you used in a previous microflow for validation purposes (that way recommitting the old object as a first action this microflow (so check your object id's)

on another note, i dont know what else youre going to do with the providertype, and the providertype hanging behind the provider, but if youre only using the ID, you can use refID's from the other object and you dont need a seperate retrieve.