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Hi, I’m building an on-boarding app on Mendix. It is a 10-steps wizard, where new customers can submit to our financial product. One of the steps is where our risk manager can ask questions about the application, and the applicant can answer to this questions. After receiving the answer, our risk manager can accept the answer and mark the question as answered, or can ask a follow-up question where the applicant can answer again. In this way, you kind of get multiple conversations, with different lengths.   What is the best and easiest way to set-up something like this?   I was thinking about two entities with a many-to-many association: “Question” and “Answer”, but I’m not able to complete the functionality and not sure this is the right way. “Question” has the following attributes: Question (string) Solved (Boolean)   “Answer” has the following attributes: Answer (string)   Thanks in advance.
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I would create an antity woth the applicant, an entity with questions and an entity with the applicantQA.

In the entity Questions there is the title of the question

In the entity applicantQA is the answer of the applicant, the association to a question in the entity Question and a boolean Solved. Now you can create questions to be answered by the applicant by creating objects in the applicantQA entity. And it can be a dynamic set.


Hi Pieter,

the easiest way would be to put it all in one entity. But the best way is to store the question and answer seperately.

You could also use the createdDate and an association to an account instead of the Sent and Author attributes.

If you want the questions to be dynamic , you should have a look at Hans his suggestion.

If not you could do it like this:

The createdDate on Question can be used to create the question timeline.